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RIRS Surgery :- RIRS stands for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. The procedure has been detailed in other pages of our website. Since this procedure is carried out through normal urinary passage & does not involve any cutting of body tissue during the whole procedure, this is relatively safe procedure when compared to other procedures for Kidney Stone Treatment.

RIRS Surgery Cost :- This is relatively expensive procedure when compared to other procedures like PCNL, MINI-PCNL etc. Reason for this is requirement of expensive equipment involved in this procedure. Following equipment is exclusively required for this procedure:-

  • 1. Flexible Ureteroscope
  • 2. Holmium Laser

Both Flexible Ureterorenoscope & Holmium laser are expensive.

RIRS Surgery Cost will further depend on various factors:-

  • Whether Digital Flexible Ureteroscope is used or Fiber optic Flexible Ureteroscope is used as there is vast difference in the price of Fiberoptic Flexible Ureterorenoscope & Digital Flexible Ureterorenoscope.
  • In fiber optic scope, there are optical fibers in the scope & vision is of poor quality when compared with Digital Scope. This fiber optic scope is much cheaper than Digital scope.
  • Digital scope has a Camera chip on the tip of scope & is quite expensive but the vision is excellent & it is much easier to operate with digital scope because of its vision.
  • If Digital scope ( Chip on the tip ) is used for RIRS Surgery, the cost of RIRS Surgery is going to be higher.

RIRS Surgery Cost is further dependent on the use of disposables like Ureteral Access Sheath & tip less baskets.

  • If the treating Urologist is only dusting the stone ( fragmenting the stone into small fragments or converting the stone into dust ), Ureteral access sheath & tip less baskets may not be used & in that case the RIRS Surgery cost is low
  • If the treating Surgeon intends to clear the Kidney Stone at the end of RIRS Surgery & disposables are used, the cost of RIRS Surgery will be more as both these disposables are single use & expensive. Good hydrophilic Ureteral Access Sheaths usually costs some where between Rs. Six to Eight thousand only & one good tip less basket would be more than Rs. Ten thousand only. It is not advisable to reuse these disposables as the access sheath looses its hydrophilic content & wires of tip less basket start loosing its elasticity after one use. These disposables are manufactured for Single use only.
  • If the objective of RIRS Surgery is complete clearance of the Kidney Stone at the end of RIRS Surgery, it is probably only possible with the use of Access Sheath & tip less baskets. One may need one or more baskets for each surgery. And in such case, the cost of RIRS Surgery is going to be more
  • RIRS Surgery cost will always be more if Digital scope is being used & will further increase if complete clearance is the objective at the end of RIRS Surgery as this will involve the cost of disposables
  • Now depending upon the factors discussed above, the RIRS Surgery Cost remains variable.