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Prevention of Kidney Stones

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One very simple measure & the best measure which helps in reducing the formation of Kidney Stones in all cases is GOOD HYDRATION or PLENTY OF FLUIDS.

I sometime do not understand why patients of Recurrent Kidney Stones do not follow this simple way for preventing Kidney Stones. Majority of our recurrent Kidney Stone patients come back for re-treatment , will promise to take plenty of fluids after operation but unfortunately again abandon this & will again form Kidney Stones. I have no explanation for that.

Prevention of Kidney Stones

Drink Orange Juice & Lemonade as these alkalinize the urine & prevent formation of Kidney Stones.

Stone Analysis & 24 hour Urine test:- Patients of Kidney Stones are always interested in getting their stone analyzed & majority of them do get their stone analyzed. But they are not interested in 24 hour urine test because of cumbersome procedure of collecting 24 hour urine. Simple stone analysis usually does not give us clear picture except in case of pure uric acid & Cystine Kidney stones

To have a good protocol for prevention of majority of Kidney Stones, we must have 24 hour urine test which patients invariably fail to get.

The diagnosis of pure uric acid stones can be made by Stone analysis alone & is always helpful because this is one type of stone which can be easily prevented from reformation & also responds to medical therapy to some extent.

Cystine Stones which account for 1 % of Kidney Stones can also be easily diagnosed by Stone analysis & is a hereditary disease but it is very difficult to prevent recurrence of Cystine Stones. I still remember one such patient who came to us from Iran after having 5 PCNL procedures on her Kidney & 6th operation which I did on her was RIRS several years back. This patient later relocated to Canada where I heard that she underwent two more PCNL procedures.

As for as Calcium Kidney Stones are concerned , one needs to get 24 hour urine test to analyze hyperuricosuria, hypercalciuria, hyperoxaluria, hypocitraturia & hypomagnesuria. Only after analysis of these conditions, Kidney Stone Doctor can plan preventive measures for a particular type of Kidney Stone

In addition, people in general & Kidney Stone patients should stay away from:-

Non-vegetarian diet as it contains high animal protein which leads to higher concentration of calcium, oxalate & uric acid in the urine which in turn has higher chances of Kidney Stone formation

Spinach, nuts & chocolate which are rich in oxalates which is again a factor for formation of Kidney Stones.

Sedentary work which is known to be associated with higher incidence of Kidney stone formation.

Obesity is known to associated with higher incidence of Kidney Stone formation.

Patients who form kidney stones because of some disease like hyperparathyroidism should undergo Parathyroidectomy to prevent Kidney Stones.