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Establishment of R P Stone Clinic

R P Stone Clinic was established in the year 1991 with aim of providing latest facilities for Treatment of Kidney Stones to the people of India. Doctor Pawan Kumar Gupta single handedly revolutionized the treatment of Urinary Tract & kidney Stones in Haryana, India by introducing the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Percutaneous Surgery of Kidney Stones & Ureterorenoscopy with Holmium : Yag laser lithotripsy in the nineties. Facility of Percutaneous Surgery of Kidney Stones (PCNL) was started in in the year of Establishment of R P Stone Clinic (1991). This was followed by Ureterorenoscopy and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in the year 1994. This Hospital then became the best hospital for treatment of kidney stones in Haryana

Progress in RIRS

In our endeavor to maintain our hospital as the best kidney stone hospital for removal of kidney stones, a new technology was introduced for the first time in India in our hospital in the year 1998 known as Flexible Ureteroscopy (Now popularly Known as RIRS). Since then R P Stone Clinic became a Pioneer Hospital in India for Removal of Kidney Stones by RIRS (Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery). Since then several national and international workshops on RIRS were conducted at R P Stone Clinic, Panipat. First such workshop was conducted under the aegis of North Zone Chapter of Urological Society of India in 1998. Several Training Programs were also conducted here for the treatment of kidney stones by RIRS.

Training in RIRS

After First workshop on Flexible Ureteroscopy for the removal of kidney stones, Doctor Pawan Gupta started working on several Flexible Fiberoptic Ureteroscopes for the treatment of Kidney Stones. In the initial stages only small kidney stones were removed with tipless baskets. At that time, Flexible Ureteroscopes, Holmium Laser, Tipless Baskets and Access Sheaths were in primitive phase. Doctor Pawan Gupta worked along with many Endoscopic Industries to develop this technology. In the year 2011, Urological Society of India organized a workshop at R P Stone Clinic, Panipat on RIRS which was attended by around 200 Urologists from India as well as abroad. Several Cook Training Programs on RIRS have been conducted at our Hospital Since then. Several Urologists from India as well as abroad have visited this hospital to watch Doctor Pawan Gupta performing this procedure.

Digital Technology for RIRS

In the year 2011 & 2012 Digital Flexible Ureteroscopy (RIRS) was started at R P Stone Clinic Panipat. Now for last several years, Kidney Stone Removal is being practiced extensively with Digital Technology at R P Stone Clinic, Panpat.

Treatment of Kidney Stones by RIRS

So far thousands of kidney stones have been removed at our hospital by RIRS. Today RIRS is the most commonly practiced treatment at our Hospital for majority of Kidney Stones irrespective of size of the Kidney Stone. Even Staghorn Kidney Stones are being removed here by RIRS. Patients from all over the country come here for treatment of unusual kidney stones like Kidney Stones in Horseshoe Kidney, Other anomalous kidneys, Stones in Chronic Renal Faliure, Stones in Patients who earlier had undergone other more invasive surgical procedures like open Stone Surgery and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and in some other unusual conditions like obesity etc.

Patients from Abroad

We have treated several patients from abroad with this technology. Their reviews about our hospital
are available on the testimonial page.