A Pioneer Hospital in India for Kidney Stone Treatment by RIRS

Best Kidney Stone Treatment Hospital in Haryana

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R P Stone Clinic was Established in 1991

Is a Pioneer Center for Treatment of Kidney Stones by RIRS in India.

Is a Pioneer Center for Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery in Haryana

Our Mission

Constantly upgrade the Technology & Quality of Medical Practice in the field of Kidney Stones & Women Diseases with a chain of such hospitals in the northern India.

Our Vision

Quality health care patient-friendly environment patient safe medical & Surgical treatment to the patients of Kidney Stones & Women Diseases

Our Hospital in Panipat is situated at sector 11, Urban Estate, Panipat. The hospital is equipped with state of Art equipments which include Digital flexible Ureteroscopes for treatment of Kidney stones & 3 D Laparoscopic Imaging systems for Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery & Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

Air-conditioned waiting area

Reception for registration of outpatients. Our staff at Reception is very cordial & supportive.

Blood Samples are collected in a comfortable chair after serving fruit drink to the patient.

Emergency Room is Equipped with all Necessary Emergency Drugs, Monitors, Defibrillator & Availability of Qualified Efficient Staff

Our Ultrasound Room is equipped with 4 D Ultrasound Machine from G E

We have installed a state of the Art, Safe elevator from Schindler India with electricity back up from our Emerson UPS.

Our Deluxe Patient Rooms are Air-Conditioned and equipped with TV, Fridge & Oven

Our Deluxe Patient Rooms are Air-Conditioned and equipped with TV, Fridge & Oven

Our Conference Hall can accommodate up to 50 persons. Training programs for Doctors, Nurses & Hospital staff are conducted here. Antenatal classes for our Pregnant patients are also conducted here.

Operation theatre at R P Stone Clinic is equipped with State of Art equipment

Labour Room ( For conducting Normal Delivery ) is equipped with Electronic broad comfortable table

Equipped with Digital Flexible Ureterorenoscopes,
Fiberoptic Flexible Ureterorenoscopes and Semirigid Ureterorenoscopes

Flex – XC S (Digital Flexible Ureteroscope, Spies by Karl Storz)

Flex – XC (Digital Flexible Ureteroscope by Karl Storz)

Cobra – (Two Channel Flexible Ureteroscope From Richard Wolf)

Viper – (Single Channel Flexible Ureteroscope From Richard Wolf)

Flex X2 S – (New Dimension Slender Design Flexible Ureteroscope From Karl Storz)

Flex X2 – (Flexible Ureteroscope From Karl Storz)

4.5/6.5 – Mini Ureteroscope by Richard Wolf

6/7.5 Ureteroscope by Richard Wolf

8.9/9 Ureteroscope by Richard Wolf

Equipped with Holmium Laser & Fibers

Holmium Laser

Holmium Laser

Laser Fiber

Equipment for 3D Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery & Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Phototherapy Unit & Warmer for New Born

Surgical Pendulum

C – Arm image Intensifier

Anesthesia Work Station

Harmonic Knife, CO2 Insufflator, Bipolar Richard Wolf Cautery and Underwater Cautery placed in the Surgical Pendulum.

Bettocchi Hysteroscope

HD Monitor

Co2 Insuflator

LED Light Source

3D Camera Control Unit

3D Monitor

3D Telescope

Valleylab Cautery

HD & 3D Monitor

General Surgery Cautery

Harmonic Ace

Harmonic Knife