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Ajay Gupta (Address:- #C-25, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi)

I found the complete process painless & was discharged in a day. The staff was very warm & co-Operative & made all efforts to make me feel comfortable. The clinic was also very clean & hygienic. Everything was done on schedule & information regarding the whole process was given & shared completely.

Dr. P. N. Uppal (Address:- Jaipur Golden Hospital, New Delhi)

To remove stone safely without operation Excellent and Satisfactory treatment. Recommendation to all patients. It is the best and safe method to get a kidney stones removed.

Nitin Arora (Address:- New Delhi)

R P Stone Clinic is the best Hospital for Stone Treatment. My experience overall is good. I want to say one thing specially for Dr. Pawan Gupta. He is the best doctor and he is very cooperative person and other Staff is also cooperative. Thanks to all Team who treated me.

Harshita Singh (Address:- #K445-D, Street No. 2, Mahipal Pur, New Delhi)

The staff is really cooperative. The doctor is awesome. Takes care of their patients stupendously. The facilities are world-class and all available within the hospital premises.

Ravi Balyan (Address:- VPO Tajpur Kalan, Delhi)

हम यहाँ पथरी  के इलाज के लिए आये थे। हमें यहाँ पर ऑपरेशन करवा कर अच्छा  लगा। हम यहाँ पूरी तरह से सहमत है। all is good.

Shripal Gupta (Address:- #C-79, Shivalik, New Delhi)


Malika Singh W/o Kuldeep Singh (Address:- #581/8, 3rd Floor, Chirag Delhi, New Delhi)

Clinic is very nice. We are fully satisfied. This is the best treatment available today w/o any hole. Doctors and staff are very co-operative and helpful.

Surender Kaur (Address:- #572, Sector – 3, R. K. Puram, New Delhi)

यहाँ हम गाल  ब्लैडर की laparoscopy से removal के लिए आये थे।  इस हस्पताल के बारे में हमारे माता जी के भाई ने बताया था हमारी बहु जी पानीपत में रहते है कि डिलीवरी भी हुई थी। हमें यहाँ आने के लिए उन्होंने ही प्रेरित किया था। डॉक्टर साहब का व्यवहार बहुत अच्छा है। सारा स्टाफ भी अच्छा है। मुझे बड़े सही तरीके से अटैंड किया गया एवम बहुत ही शानदार तरीके से मेरा ऑपरेशन हुआ। मुझे किसी प्रकार की कोई दिक्कत नहीं आई।  मुझे  ऑपरेशन के 18 घंटे बाद छुट्टी भी दे दी गई।  

Udit Goel (Address:- #3068/224, Chander Nagar, Tri Nagar, New Delhi)

Due to severe stone pain. My brother in law confirmed about the hospital and its patient satisfaction rate. We get the same quality and response from the doctor and staff as we heard from our relatives. we are totally satisfied as we were little misguided by few doctor in delhi but we get good support from doctor.

Vimal Nayyar C/o Sunita Nayyar (Address:- #2/114, Geeta Colony, Delhi, New Delhi)

In fact after this check ups of my wife sunita nayyar in max hospital to 2/3 different doctor’s were not in a position to take any firm decision. Any how, took a decision from delhi to panipat after consultation with doctor renu. I done have words still consult stop myself to write. Excellent treatment given to my wife. The great caring staff. People are scary to go to hospital. I feel it was given a treatment at our home. My best wishes/regards to doctor Renu and all team for their wonderful hospitality reunderied during our treatment.

Manju Gupta C/o Meena Goel (Address:- #173/74, Sector – 24, Rohini, New Delhi)


Aarti Jain (Address:- #101, Third Floor, Sector – 24, Rohini, New Delhi)


Sanjay Aggarwal(Address:- #101, # BQ 46 Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi)

Very Excellent behaviour of not only doctors but also of the whole staffs.

Ashwani Bansal C/o Geeta Bansal (Address:- # 1876 second floor rani bagh, New Delhi)

Excellent No comparison with other institutions in the city.

Amit Jain S/o Padam Jain(Address:- # 42 pocket 28 sector24 Rohini, New Delhi)

डॉ साहब का व्यवहार व इलाज व स्टाफ के व्यवहार से हम संतुष्ट है।

Devvrat s/o Dilar Singh(Address:- # B-6 Rohini sector-4 Rohini, New Delhi)

Helpfulness of all staff.