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Sunil Kaushik (Address:- #335, Sector – 5, Karnal)

I’m a patient of kidney stone and reside in Karnal. I was referred by a doctor from Karnal to R P stone clinic. My treatment experience is good. All is well here.

Avtar Singh (Address:- Indri, Karnal)

R P Stone Clinic has the best technique of RIRS for removal of Kidney Stones. Specially Dr. Pawan Kumar Gupta is very much experienced in this technique. Thank you sir for treating me like your own family member. Thanks to all the staff for very good cooperation and hospitality.

Amit Gupta (Address:- Karnal)

Extremely greatful to Dr Pawan and his entire staff for much care and support. My father had undergone BNI surgery for Prostate in Jun 2019. Dr Pawan is extremely professional and handled his case with great care and maturity. My father is recovering well post operation and we are thankful to the entire team of R P stone clinic

Poonam Devi (Address:- Basi Akbarpur, Gharaunda, Karnal)

श्री मान जी  पूनम देवी को लगभग ४४-४५ दिन की प्रेगनेंसी थी। किन्तु किसी कारण वश पेट दर्द बन गया था। किन्तु जब से हम डॉ. रेनू गुप्ता जी के पास दिखाने आये तो उनोन्हे हमें बहुत ही अच्छी तरह समझाते हुए इलाज किया। जिस कारण हम उनके द्वारा किये गए इलाज से बहुत संतुश्ट है। डॉ. रेनू गुप्ता जी का पूरा स्टाफ भी काबिले तारीफ है। जिन्होने हमारा हर कदम पर साथ व सहयोग किया। 

Runa W/o Ankush (Address:- #42, VPO Islam Nagar, P. O. Kalsora, Karnal)

R P Stone हॉस्पिटल मे इलाज करवाकर हमें बहुत अच्छा लगा। डॉ. व् स्टाफ ने अच्छे से देखभाल की है। 

Vikas Verma S/O Santosh Kumar(Address:- #363 New Prem Nagar, Karnal)

Very good staff and very good behaviour of all team. wish them the best of luck.

Rahul S/o Hari Dutt (Address:- VPO Dupeli, Assandh, Karnal)

अच्छा लगा

G. D. Saluja (Address:- #190 A, New Char Chaman Colony, Karnal)

The hospital staff is very nice.

Mrs. Manjeet Kaur (Address:- #69/5, Bharat Nagar, Karnal)

I had stone in right side kidney. RIRS Procedure is good and dr. pawan kumar gupta and all staff is very supportive. Everything is fine at R P Stone Clinic Pvt, Ltd. I am going to australia to my son and will surely referred patient from there.

Raman (Address:- Village Padha, Karnal)

26 mm स्टोन की वजह से ऑपरेशन करवाया। बहुत बढ़िया अनुभव रहा। डॉक्टर की सुविधा बहुत बढ़िया है। और स्टाफ भी बहुत बढ़िया है। मै यह कहना चाऊंगा कि इस बीमारी से कोई भी पीड़ित हो तो वह आर पी स्टोन क्लिनिक में ही आये

Pooja (Address:- #2256, Sector – 13, Karnal)


Ritu (Address:- Village Kutail, Karnal)


Sourav Garg s/o Rajbir Garg(Address:-Raghubir vihar colony near honey garden gharounda, Karnal)

Enviroment of hospital is very good. all the staff members are very humble. provided best treatment. it was a good experience.

Manika W/o Vikas(Address:-#652 Jattan Gate, Karnal)

Very good hospital .nice staff.

Avtar Singh s/o Kashmira Lal(Address:-Village Indri, Karnal)

Excellent great respected dr. Pawan Gupta

Sonia w/o Jitender(Address:-Village Pundri, Karnal)

I am very happy from all of dr. and all staff members and services of hospital.

Avtar Singh s/o Kashmira Singh(Address:-Village Indri, Karnal)

My best experience – what a safe hand my best wishes to rp stone .what safe hand dr. pawan kumar ji

Ashok s/o Om Parkash(Address:-Aggarwal Saw mill, Assandh, Karnal)

Very nice hospitality. cooperative staff and doctors.

Vikas Verma S/O Santosh Kumar(Address:- #363 New Prem Nagar, Karnal)

The medical services I received from you during my stay in your hospital were exceptional. I have never seen hospital staff as efficient as your team.

Nisha Devi w/o Amit Singh(Address:- Village Panouri, Karnal)

हॉस्पिटल अच्छा लगा।