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Kidney Stone Treatment by Flexible Ureteroscopy / RIRS
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About Kidney Stones Treatment & Preventions

Spontaneous passage (Approx. 80% of stones pass out spontaneously) depending upon the size of stones. Less than 5mm stones have a higher incidence of spontaneous passage. As the size of stone increases the chances of spontaneous passage decrease.

The surgical intervention includes following options: -


  RIRS stands for Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery which is
    usually performed with the help of Flexible Ureteroscope.
  Kidney stone is fragmented with holmium laser.
  After fragmentation, the fragments of the kidney stone are
    caught with tipless basket and removed.
  The procedure may be performed with or without the use of
    access sheath.
  RIRS is a No Hole, No Cut, Day Care, Safest way of treating
    kidney stones.


Ureteroscopy usually refers to semi rigid ureteroscopy.
Ureteroscopy is used for the treatment of lower ureteral and
   sometimes middle ureteral stones.

SWL refers to Extra Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy. In this
   procedure kidney stone is fragmented with the help of Shock Waves.
The Shock Waves are focused on to the Kidney Stones from outside
   the body.
The success rate is not high and procedure has limited but definite role
   in the treatment of kidney stones.

PCNL refers to Percutaneous Surgery of Kidney Stones. This is a widely practiced keyhole surgery for kidney stones & has good results particularly for large stones in kidney. This surgery has a significant complication rate.


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