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Patient Testimonials

Dated:(oct-2015 )
Name Dharmbir | Mobile 94661-01009
Address: Rohtak
Remarks: All services were good. we are completely satisfied with our treatment and hospital services.
Dated:(Oct-2015 )
Name Mr. Deepak Kaushik | Mobile 98121-25811
Address: Mr. Deepak Kaushik S/o Sh. jag Phool Singh, panipat
Remarks: We are coming in the hospital R. P. Stone Clinic for kidney stone. After operation patient is perfectly all right. Thanks to all staff. we are glad to thanks for treating me
Dated:(-2015 )
Name Ramesh Gupta | Mobile 98120-00039
Address: Narwana (Jind)
Remarks: I am absolutely satisfied with the medical treatment and facilities which i got at this clinic entire staff was highly cooperative to me during my stay. I was sure i am in safe hands of the incredible reputation of the doctor. Dr. Pawan Kumar Gupta
Dated:(April-2014 )
Name Shavetamani S Seth | Mobile 9015631119
Remarks: I had two stones in my left kidney 7mm and other 13 mm, wrongly advised we went for two lithotripsy which made my situation worse and I had to suffer from constant stone pain for one month. We had no other option but to bear that pain because my marriage was due during those days. With God’s Grace and painkillers somehow the marriage went fine. But after 10 days the pain became unbearable and worse, we went for CTC scan and realised due to lithotripsy the two stones have got joined as one stone of 19mm. Our relatives and friends advised us to go to R.P. Stone. After two bad experiences and bearing constant pain for one month I was really scared and wanted that pain to end. We went for Flexible Ureteroscopy and that was the end of bad and painful days. I got rid of my pain within one day and was discharge the same day. I am very much satisfied with all aspects of my treatment and would like to thank Dr. Pawan K Gupta and his team . The staff takes exceptional care of you and are very polite and helpful , The methods and equipment are modern and the accommodation is clean. I don't think I could have got better treatment anywhere else. I strongly recommend this hospital, its doctors, nurses and staff.
Dated:(April-2014 )
Name | Mobile
Address: IRAN
Remarks: I am a patient that I have had 5 p.n. L on my right kidney. And I had another on my right kidney. I live in Iran and doctors said me it is not possible to another p.n.l . My stone was in lower Calix and 2cm with little communication to access to stone. I searched on internet I found dr Pawan Gopta, I came to R.P.stone clinic. dr is supportive and skillful and awesome. Their team were caring and I am stone free after 10 Pawan Gopta is the best dr I have seen. Thanks to dr and their team.
Dated:(August-2013 )
Name Chirag Bhandula | Mobile 09255724697
Address: 38-C, Narain Singh Park, Panipat
Remarks: I came here for treatment of gall bladder stones. My experience is good. very nice cooperative and very well taking care of patients as a good guardian. My thanks to Dr. Pawan Gupta.
Dated:(August-2013 )
Name Devika Mahajan | Mobile 09034000819
Address: H No: 67, Sector-11, Huda
Remarks: I came here for pregnancy and delivery. I was referred by one of my friends.My treatment experience is good and i will recommend others to come here. Everything is fine and staff is also very cooperative and caring.
Dated:(Month-2013 )
Name Sunil Kaushik | Mobile 09896492134
Address: Hno: 335/Sector-5, karnal
Remarks: I'm a patient of kidney stone and reside in karnal. I was referred by a doctor from karnal to R P stone clinic. My treatment experience is good. All is well here
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Good experience (over all). Doctor and staff is very best. By - Parveen , Delhi Date - 21/10/2013

Name : Krishna Khurana                 Contact : 8295528038                       Address : #1727, Sec - 12, HUDA, Panipat
We feel better for operating stone operation here. Very good staff and co-operative staff of the R P Stone Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Name : Manoj                                                Contact : 9997740691                       Address : VPO Sikka, Shamli, Utter Pradesh
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Name : Suresh                      Contact : 9643199890           Address : VPO Khatura, kaithal, Haryana
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Name : Neelam Gupta      Contact : 9812000039   Address : #60, Chotttu Ram Colony, Narwana, Jind
I am absolutely satisfied with the medical treatment and facilities which I got at this clinic. Entire staff was highly co-operative to me during my stay. I was sure I am in safe hands of the incredible reputation of Dr. Pawan K. Gupta

Name : Ravinder Kumar      Contact : 8510036655                       Address : #1613, Urben Estate, Jind
Hospital is neat and clean with nice services.

Name : Om Parkash   Contact : 9416155309      Address : Professor Colony, Ward No. 1, Pehowa
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Name : Ajay Gupta       Contact : 9891288583        Address : #C-25, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi
I found the complete process painless & was discharged in a day. The staff was very warm & co-operative & made all efforts to make me feel comfortable. The clinic was also very clean & hygienic. Everything was done on schedule & information regarding the whole process was given & shared completely.


Name : Bimla Rani    Contact : 9416650526     Address : #43, Latif Garden, Assandh Road, Panipat
It was a good experience, actually much better than our expectations. The behaviour of staff is so good. The way doctors operated my mother was very good. They took care of my mother untill it was completely fine. I sincerely want to thank doctor and all the staff for making it successful.


Name : Anil                 Contact : 9034772750                       Address : VPO Dadlana, Panipat
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Name : Gaurav Jain       Contact : 9416720931      Address : Purani Anaj Mandi, Pillu Khera, Jind
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Name : Abdul Aziz                 Contact : 9927342607           Address : VPO Mohmad Pur, Shamli, UP
ge vkj- ih- LVksUk esa iRFkjh dk ejht ys dj vk, FksA vkizs’ku djok;k cgqr lqdwu cM+s brfeuku ls reke LVkQ us ns[k js[k dhA ge cgqr [kq’k gSA mEehn gS bU’kkmYyk gdhdr esa Hkh Bhd gks tk,axsA vYyk rkyk vki dh bl f[kners [kYd dks dqcwy djs vkSj Mk- lkgc dh mej njkt gks ge lc ds mij lk;k rknsj jgSA

Name : Pooja             Contact : 9896167013           Address : #337/13, Geeta Colony, Panipat
We are satisfied with the Services provided by Doctor & Staff of R P Stone Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Name : Saroj              Contact : 9896594425           Address : VPO Urlana Kalan, Panipat
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Name : Shri Niwas                Contact : 9466847418           Address : VPO Uchana Mandi, Jind
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Name : Gurpreet Singh        Contact : 9915000920           Address : #1153, Sec - 67, Mohali
R P Stone Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is a very good hospital, and the staff members, doctors are very co-operative and honorable. we feel homely environment here.

Name : Sanjay Kumar   Contact : 9416265660   Address : #100, Bhatia Nagar, Tohana, Fatehabad
eSa bl vLirky esa iRFkjh dh izkCye ds fy, vk;k FkkA ;gka vkizs’ku djokdj vPNk yxkA MkWDVj dk LoHkko cgqr vPNk gSA ges dksbZ Hkh izkCye ugha gqbZA

Name : Meenu jain                Contact : 9812968520                       Address : #200, Virat Nagar, Panipat
We came to the hospital with ureter stone. Operation was good. Doctor’s behaviour is good. All the staff is co-operative. We are satisfied after stone operation. Patient is all right.

Name : Kavita Rawal                        Contact : 9812045743                       Address : VPO Bapoli, Panipat
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Hospital is neat and clean with nice services. By- Ravinder Kumar, Jind Date-22/05/15

HARYANA (KAITHAL) I found clinic good and the accommodation was also nice,As long as staff is concerned .The Kidney Stone Treatment was bit expensive as well as medicine over all experience is average
By Dev Robin Choudhary, Kaithal

Fully equipped with all the modern facilities and very co-operative staff As doctor are concerned really god for patient & proved in my case Thanks a lot to all of you ( R.P Stone member)
By Amit Garg karnal

Its always incredible to be here. A family atmosphere of above all the treatment. We used to get here is exceptional .
Thanks a lot. By- Ajay Kumar , Karnal

Dr. Renu Gupta is very caring,nice and experienced Doctor. Staff is very best. By - Leena Arora , Karnal (9992889045) Date - 23/11/2013 Gohana

All services provided by staff is very best. Behaviour of Dr. P. K. Gupta very appreciable. I and my wife were fully satisfied at all. I will refer my nearest and dearest for getting consulting from this hospital. Thanks & Regards By- Rajinder Singh Jangra - Gohana Date-15/5/14

We got treatment with excellent care for patient. I really satisfied with the behaviour of the Doctor. I wish a very good future of this hospital and lastly i also appreciate the treatment of the para-medical staff.
By- Dr. Anil Sharma, Kurukshetra

Staff is co-operative,Since the hospital matters,But the staff treat as familiy member as wall as doctor also By Om-parkash, Rohtak

My self Poonam w/o Vikash saying that i was suffering from gall bladder stone since last four month. My friends told me about the Doctor or hospital R.P. Stone Clinic. i am totally satisfy from the treatment. The behaviour of the Doctor(Dr. Pawan Gupta) is very good,humble.They do their duty honestly. By- Poonam - Rohtak (9813330750) Date-19/08/2014


My husband Ranbir Singh had kidney stone treatment in right side. Dr. Sangra from pehowa have reffer me to R.P. Stone Clinic Pvt. Ltd. RIRS Procedure is very good and Dr. Pawan K. Gupta and all staff is very supportive. Every thing is fine at R.P. stone Clinic. By - Manjeet Kaur , Pehowa

Dr. Pawan K. Gupta ji is not only an excellent medical professional but an equally wonderful human being. Operation was done with remarkable precision and preservance. The hospital staff is par excellence, well educated and thoroughly professional. By - Vivek Krishan Chandigarh (09814105646)

Dr. Nisar Choudhary reffered me from Distt. Rajouri of JAMMU & KASHMIR. for kidney operation through flexible uretroscopy in this regard. I feel here respected Dr. Pawan Gupta as a great,complete kind and perfect with all his staff. I really thankfull to Dr.,staff and sweepers also.

By- Farooq Ahmed,JAMMU & KASHMIR(Rajouri) Date-15/01/2015

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